The Estância Turística de Itu is a municipality of the state of Sao Paulo, located in Sorocaba Metropolitan Region. Its privileged location puts it into the main destinations of Sao Paulo citizens who wish to have a calm life without being distant from the other capitals and other major centers of the region. It is 97km from Sao Paulo, 50km from Campinas, 35km from Viracopos Airport and 30km from Sorocaba.

Itu has some “nicknames”. The oldest is “Faithful”, granted in 1822 by Emperor Dom Pedro I, due to its position in favor to Independency of Brazil. The second is “Cradle of the Republic” due to the holding of the First Convention of the Republican country and the creation of the Republican Party of Sao Paulo in 1973. Finally, “Capital of Large Things” was granted by chance by a comedian from Itu called Simplicio, who played a hillbilly character at a show called “Square of Happiness”, in the former Rede Tupi (currently “The Square is Ours”, from SBT).

Founded in 1610, it celebrates its birthday on February 2nd to coincide with the day of the Patron Saint of the city, Nossa Senhora da Candelária. It has several Churches which conserve Baroque architectural style, important Museums (especially the Republican and USP), Varvito’s Park, among many other options that add knowledge.

With an estimated population of 170 thousand habitants, Itu continues being an important city in Sao Paulo scenario. It is a city that keeps its religious traditions, historical and cultural, while worrying with its economical and social growth. With no doubt, it is beloved by all and extremely welcoming. As it is the Itu Plaza Hotel.

Foto Cidade Itu
Foto Cidade Itu
Foto Cidade Itu



    The Fazenda do Chocolate (Chocolate Farm) is a walk through history that takes us back to colonial Brazil times and its preserved architecture and important cycles in the history of Brazil. It is a very pleasant place to spend the day with family. Its rustic style gives visitors a contact with various wild animals, purchasing various products and fun for children and adults.


    In Museu da Energia (Energy Museum) located in the "Itu History Center", you can make a tour of the cultural changes that the energy consumption brought in human life of 1850-1950 society.


    The Parque do Varvito (Varvito´s Park) is the most important known exposure of this type of rock in South America. In geological terms, the varvite is part of a sedimentary rock package containing evidence of extensive ice age, 280 million years ago, when a huge blanket or sheet ice covered the southeastern region of South America.